Turn to Duct Pro For Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Many industries utilize commercial dryers, and therefore will need a commercial dryer vent cleaning from time to time. Washing and drying linens are a part of every day operations for hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. When you are washing and drying linens on a large scale commercial basis, the dryer vents can become clogged more quickly than with residential applications. When dryer vents clog,

it can spell disaster for a company. By performing regular commercial dryer vent cleaning, your company can rest easy knowing their vents are in good working order. Fewer clogs means fewer delays when washing and drying linens. For a hotel or hospital to be without linens, it would completely shut down operations. Not only would the business have to pay the expense to repair the dryer and vent, but they would lose valuable time and money in the process from lost operations

Dryer vent cleaning can also help save money on utility costs. If dryer vents are clogged, it can restrict the amount of air flow circulating to the machine. Reduced airflow can make the machine have to work harder than necessary. This can cause the machine to draw more power than necessary, spiking utility costs. Further, this can force the dryer components to work harder than normal, shortening the life of the appliance. Dryer vent cleaning is always a way to protect your commercial business. If the vent should become clogged with fibers, dust, and hair, it can potentially spark a dangerous fire which can risk the safety and lives of those inhabiting the building.