Dryer Vent Cleaning Cost

Don’t Get Fooled By Low Dryer Vent Cleaning Costs

Are you wondering how much dryer vent cleaning cost? Dryer vent cleaning costs vary and are affected by several factors, such as where the vent is located, size of the home and the configuration. For example, if your exterior vent is at the peak of the second story, it may take two technicians to complete the job, and might cost a bit more, but the average dryer vent cleaning cost averages between $100-$200. Now you might be thinking that might be too much, considering that you found dryer vent cleaning cost as low as $49. But the fact is, most companies who advertise their dryer vent cleaning service for that low may actually do more harm than good. Companies who advertise their dryer vent cleaning service for that low of a price do that so they can get their foot in the door. Once in the door, these low ball companies will find “problems” and try to upsell the homeowner on additional services. When homeowners fall victim to this scam, they might end up spending hundreds of dollars more than the average. 


The sad thing is, there have been a lot of people who have fallen to this tactic. Even if homeowners don’t fold to high-pressure tactics to upsell them on additional services, they still fall victim to inadequate service. Deceptive companies that offer really low prices for dryer  vent cleaning service often have insufficient tools and equipment, or they won’t do a thorough job cleaning up your ducts and vents. A dryer vent cleaning company that doesn’t do the job with the right equipment and that doesn’t do a thorough job cleaning actually causes more harm by agitating and releasing more dust into the home. Even worse, they can cause damage to your dryer vent. 


The price for dryer vent cleaning service is a big factor in deciding which dryer vent cleaning company to go with. But rather than putting a big emphasis on dryer vent cleaning cost, find a company with a good reputation for great service. 


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